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Management Team

Anthony Abou Nader - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Anthony Abou Nader serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tanit Group. His previous experience includes project development assignments in leading investment funds covering industries such as healthcare, power generation and agriculture. He also serves on the board of AGMP, which manages real estate holdings within the Middle East.

Mr. Ayad Zaaroura – Director of Projects

Mr. Ayad Zaaroura is a leading hospital consultant with over 18 years of experience in Africa. He presently manages Tanit’s technical and hospital development teams after occupying various roles within renowned organizations operating in the healthcare space. His previous client base includes the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), the African Development Bank, Nigerian State Governments and some of the most prominent hospital developers in Nigeria.

Mr. Yousuf Dhanani – Finance and Administration Manager

Mr. Yousuf Dhanani manages Tanit Medical Engineering’s finance and administration departments. Previously, Mr. Dhanani served as an Executive Director at Sunrise Estate Development Limited, a leading real estate development company based in Abuja, Nigeria. He also undertook various roles with Ernst and Young across the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Muhammed Hassan – Business Development manager.

Muhammed Hassan serves as the business development Manager of Tanit Medical Engineering Ltd. in charge of growing the company’s oncology portfolio. Mr. Hassan has a wide experience in project financing having occupied positions at the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, and given that he is a graduate of GE Financial Management Program in South Africa. He later transitioned into business development having joined GE Healthcare in Nigeria as a regional account manager.