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Tanit Group was established in 1987. We offer hospital development solutions that address the diverse and continuously evolving needs of our clients and partners. Today, Tanit has existing operations in the Middle East and Africa with activities spanning across construction, advisory, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

TANIT Group founded its first company TANIT PARAMEDIC SAL in Lebanon to meet the country’s urgent need for modern, efficient, and specialized healthcare services. Today, the company offers today a wide range of medical equipment solutions targeting both private and government institutions and has positioned itself as one of the country’s leading medical equipment and consumables suppliers.

Following the company’s success in Lebanon, the Group established its second company, TANIT MEDICAL ENGINEERING LTD in Lagos, Nigeria. Building on the know-how, experience and expertise earned by its sister-company in Lebanon, TANIT MEDICAL ENGINEERING LTD, successfully established a robust operation across West Africa in 2003.

In 2010, the Group founded its third company TANIT PHARMA, specialized in the distribution of pharmaceutical and laboratory products, covering numerous fields such as oncology, women’s health and communicable diseases.

In 2014, TANIT reinvented its business model to expand and broaden its service offering which includes: hospital construction, turnkey equipment solutions and hospital development advisory. Today, TANIT supports some of the most prominent governmental institutions, investors, and hospital operators across all the markets it operates in.