Who is TANIT?

TANIT is the Phoenician goddess of fertility and growth. Its inscriptions are most predominantly found in North Africa in what used to be known as the city of Carthage (daughter of the Lebanese city Tyre). Ancient civilizations also worshiped TANIT for its curative and wellbeing abilities.

TANIT group is a Lebanon based company founded in 1987, which is specialized in the healthcare business; namely the marketing, the selling and the servicing of medical equipment, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Through our subsidiaries in Lebanon, Nigeria and Iraq we extended our current operations to most of the Middle Eastern and West African markets.

Our Values and Philosophy

- Making quality healthcare accessible to all

- Offering Modern/customized solutions and continuously elevating the safety/performance standards of our products to ensure customer satisfaction.

- Building a long-term/trustworthy relationship with our suppliers by being open, reliable and flexible to their business needs.

- Gathering and training a diverse workforce to constantly stimulate the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit within the organization.