Tanit medical engineering was incorporated in June 2003 in ABUJA. TME is TANIT’s subsidiary currently covering the Nigerian market as well as other West African countries. Our teams are dedicated to offer various services related to the healthcare industry.
Medical Equipment

We offer a variety of technologies in different fields and these include:

– Radiotherapy
– Brachytherapy
– Nuclear medicine
– Neurosurgery
– Orthopedic
– Surgery Instruments
– Radiology / Imaging
– Osteodensitometry
– Archiving System for Radiology & Imaging
– E.N.T.
– Urology
– Medical Refrigeration
– Operating Room Equipment
– Cardiology
– Respiratory
– Sterilization
– Treatment of Infectious Medical Waste
– Hospital Beds and Furniture
– Physiotherapy
– Mortuary
– Emergency Room
– Neonatology
– Plastic Surgery
– Gamma Camera
– Laboratory
– Veterinary

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. Installation, Training & Maintenance

Our technical team follows a vigorous in-house and overseas training. It is fully capable of installing any equipment once it is purchased. We provide the adequate training to the hospital staff on how to operate the equipment and undertake preventive maintenance.
Teams of biomedical engineers are always ready to assist hospitals and carry out on-site inspections. Our workshop in Lagos is adequately capable of handling repairs and refurbishments.
. Supplies & Consumables

We maintain a constant stock of consumables and spare parts in our warehouse in Lagos to be ready and available to assist our clients.

. Consultancy Services

TANIT MEDICAL ENGINEERING has teamed up with Swedish partners, Scandinavian Hospital Services (www.shsab.com) and Scandinavian Care (www.scandinaviancare.se), to offer private and public institutions professional consulting services: hospital and equipment planning as well as general health care and quality assurance consultancy.

. Turnkey Projects

TANIT’s alliance with its Swedish partners has enabled it as well to offer complete and modern healthcare solutions. These include the planning, the design, the building, the equipping and the management of cancer treatment centers, diagnosis facilities and any other customized/specialized treatment facility.