The group’s first company, TANIT PARAMEDIC, was founded in 1987 to answer Lebanon’s growing post-war need for modern and more effective biomedical technologies. Our company was successfully able to market and sell a varied range of equipment to both private and public sectors institutions and build long-term relationships with our partners through our customer relation and maintenance teams.

Building on TANIT PARAMEDIC’s success in Lebanon a new company, TANIT MEDICAL ENGINEERING LTD, was founded in Nigeria in 2003. Our Nigerian subsidiary was able to leverage TANIT PARAMEDIC’s know-how and excellent relation with its suppliers to aggressively access the West African Market. Together with our Swedish partners, Scandinavian Hospital Services ( and Scandinavian Care (, we were capable to expand the scale of our activities and offer our clients consultancy services and turnkey projects to provide complete healthcare solutions.

Our third company, TANIT PHARMA, was founded in 2010 in Lebanon and embodies the group’s aspirations to diversify into new fields other than medical equipment and biotechnologies. TANIT PHARMA is specialized in the marketing, selling and distribution of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and para-pharmaceutical products. Through our headquarters in Beirut and our extended distribution channels in the region we are able to cover the local market as well as many other neighboring countries; mainly Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the GCC (Gulf countries).

Recently our group has been engaged in many joint ventures and strategic alliances in order to access new markets. The first product of this new strategy is the creation, in 2011, of Iraqi based IBN SINA. This company is a partnership between TANIT and other Iraqi partners. The aim of this union is to combine TANIT’s expertise in the healthcare sector and consultancy along our partners’ knowledge of the market to better tap into growing opportunities in Iraq.